griffé natalie by natalie nadaira

Griffé Natalie was created whilst searching for ways to fully express my artistic side and my passions! I breathe fashion... I love beauty... I believe in living a healthy lifestyle... I'm a travel bug to the core... I enjoy the little things in life... and mostly, I live to dream!

I graduated in 2007 from my Masters in Pharmaceutical Practices from the University of Montreal and have been practicing as a pharmacist since. I know... How is that related to a fashion blog? I'm supposed to be more scientific, right?!? Well, today I'm embarking on a new journey, where for the first time, I'm letting my creative side take the lead and listening to my fashion aspirations!

I'll be opening a window onto my life, capturing every moment of it and sharing it with you! And, I hope to inspire you to do the same; Live a vibrant life... Thrive with passion... Create your own future and... Whatever you do, make sure you leave your "Griffe".

Griffé /ɡʁi.fe/adj;

1. Imprint that acts as a signature, to affirm the anthenticity;
2. Brand characteristic, personal touch that allows the recognition of the creator;
3. Name or personal label to a designer to mark and emphasize his brand;
4. Synonym: Branded, brand-named, designer.